Hygienic workwear protects everyone

Fully automated, hands-free clothing management.

A simple solution for easy 24/7 access to hygienic hospital workwear.

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The clean & easy way to get scrubs

Manage healthcare workwear hygienically with Polytex systems.

Choose from a variety of automated units for workwear dispensing and collection. Place units around your hospital, for convenient and quick access. Monitor and control it all with intuitive software tools that help improve hygiene and service levels and reduce operational costs.

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Is your clean workwear really clean?

Discover how to reduce contagion risks.

Your workwear management strategies may be helping (or hurting!) your hospital’s efforts to prevent the spread of pathogens. Evaluate vulnerabilities and discover solutions that can help.

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Hygiene First webinar

Closed, full-cycle solution.

Polytex automated textile management provides a full-cycle solution for dispensing and collecting hospital workwear 24/7. Watch this short webinar (> 15 minutes) to understand the process and how it can improve hygiene.

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The role of textiles in spreading pathogens.

Studies show that medical workwear is commonly contaminated with micro-organisms that can cause infections or illnesses. Read this whitepaper to learn about contamination rates, recommended laundering practices, and the role of automated workwear management in fighting outbreaks.

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What’s the difference?

Compare approaches to workwear management.

When it comes preventing the spread of viral infections, Polytex automated textile management outperforms all other approaches. Download the infographic to see at a glance how our solutions support hospital hygiene.

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